Data Sources

There are several data sources, which are used by the IKE group. Part of these data sources are available through DRUID. Below there is a list of the most important data sources. If you wish to access these data, please contact Jesper Lindgaard Christensen. Regarding policy for access, read this memo (currently only in Danish).

Danish Integrated Database for Labour Market Research (IDA)

IDA is a longitudinal and universal linked employer- employee dataset constructed from government registers and maintained by Statistics Denmark. The database contains detailed information on all individuals and all establishments in Denmark from 1980 onwards. The longitudinal character enables us to identify changes in employment structures and labor mobility flow by comparing employer-employee relationship in consecutive years

Survey on Innovation and Organisational Change (DISKO Module 1)

Developed in 1996 in connection with the DISKO project and includes 1900 firms primarily from manufacturing, construction, trade, and services. The survey concentrates on organisational change and innovation in these firms in the period 1993-1995. The results are combined with Danish census data, which adds information about every employee as well as accounting data for these firms.


An update of the DISKO-1 data conducted in connection to the LOK/PIE project. This update was conducted in two rounds. First, the firms from the DISKO-1 dataset was approached again. 1363 of those firms responded. In the second round, additional firms was asked to increase the number of observations in the new data set. A total of 2007 firms are now present. This data set is also combined with census data. 

Survey on Cooperation and Product Development (DISKO Module 2)

Developed in 1997-98 in connection to the DISKO project. The survey was conducted as two rounds of telephone interviews using the CATI system. 1022 firms was part of the first round, and 324 firms answerred additional questions in the second round. The questions concern the period from 1995-1997.


DISKO4 is the latest DISKO survey conducted in 2006 by Statistics Denmark on behalf of
four research groups (IKE, CARMA, CIP and CCWS) at Aalborg University. Just like the previous DISKO survey will DISKO4 take its point of departure in firms that participated in earlier DISKO survey augmented with firms in those industries that can be found in the firm statistics of 2004.

The North Jutland Quarterly Business Cycle Forecast

The forecast deals with the expectations and experiences concerning production, employment, and economic performance of around 1000 firms in the local region. It has been conduced as telephone interviews (CATI) every quarter since 1998. From 1999, the forecast was supplemented by a similar annual survey of the innovative activities of the firms.

Danish patent data

Danish patent applications from the Agency of Patents and Trademarks and from the European Patent Office. The data has been regionalised on the county level and includes all patents from 1978 to 1995, but can be updated until present years, since the IKE groups subscribes to the publications from the European patent office.

Danish employment data

Employment data on six-digit industries and all municipalities in Denmark. Available from 1993 and onwards.